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One-click pixel accurate object selection powered by AI

Where can we make difference?

AI computer vision has revolutionized several industries. We aim to revolutionize the way these businesses gather their training data!

AI algorithms used in computer vision require huge training datasets. Obtaining or creating them is a major bottleneck in terms of time and money for the wide-spread applications of AI and ML. Our super-fast and pixel accurate annotation tool enables up to 20 times faster object selection without compromising the annotation quality. This allows our customers to save money and time at the same time getting high quality training data.

Smart Cities

Empowering smart cities with pixel accurate training data.

Autonomous Vehicles

Creating pixel accurate training data for autonomous vehicles.


Generating pixel accurate training data for medical computer vision applications.


Enabling pixel accurate product recognition for retail.

How it works?

1. Unsupervised segmentation

Our patented AI powered algorithm allows instantaneous image segmentation and accurate object selection. Small objects can be selected by increasing the number of smart segments.

2. Semi-supervised approach

Segmentation quality increases with increasing number of annotated data. The annotation time per image accelerates with increasing number of annotated images.

3. Pixelwise accurate video annotation

Given the first frame annotation, our cutting-edge algorithm is able to track the whole object accurately in the consecutive frames.

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